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clean windows 7 install

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7th December 1996

7th December 1996

It’s a hard life working in such awful surroundings! Ex-Forces, ex-shunter, philanthropist, philosopher, comedian and (I’m sure in a parallel universe), game-show host. Colin Harris in his daily trappings.

Radyr Quarry Junction signal box was commissioned on 26th June 1899 to replace a previous cabin located a few yards north, Penarth Junction Sidings South signal box, also built for the Taff Vale Railway by McKenzie and Holland of Worcester.

Though the delightful two-tone brick design sported by the younger Llandaff Loop Junction signal box nearby was very much in vogue, Radyr Quarry Junction was built from a consignment of plain brick in relief.

The outline of the landing on the front of the box can be discerned as can that of the old Great Western cast name board below the window sashes. The two by two window sashes are characteristic of the later McKenzie and Holland Taff Vale Railway-approved design to unfetter the signalman’s view. They were cheaper to construct than the earlier type sported, for example by Stormstown Junction signal box (see Abercynon set) as well as reduce draughts and make window cleaning easier!
The bargeboards on the gable end of the building and porch are of the most ornate type developed, though the far elevation had lost them by this time, replaced by plain panels.

The “RQ” plate was a British Railways’ Western Region policy perpetuated to assist loco crews in identifying signal boxes with their respective signals. This really took off when continuous colour-light signalling was well in hand and signal post number plates became commonplace. Radyr Quarry Junction controlled one, the Up Main Home, No.61, coming off the control area of Cardiff PSB.

Originally built with a McKenzie and Holland Cam and soldier frame of around 80 levers at 4” pitch, a replacement Great Western vertical tappet 5 bar frame of 61 levers was installed in 1946. Over the years since the mid 1960s, a trend of removing redundant levers has left the frame with only 25 still in place, resulting in a distinctly untidy and clumsy appearance.

The signal box, unlike many of its late surviving brethren only had ever had one northern neighbour in its entire life, Radyr Junction signal box, just over ? mile away and worked by Absolute Block over the Main running lines.

Through movements in the sidings were under the auspices of the yardmaster. Heading east over the 913 yard 1900 loop line (that was part of the signal box’s raison-d’etre) towards Llandaff Loop Junction signal box, either Permissive or Absolute Block was in force, though by 1966, the line had been singled and no-block working by telephone was acceptable for light traffic over a section that was virtually visible throughout by both signalmen.

However, things were typically more complicated heading south towards the capital. The 1886 McK&H Waterhall Junction signal box was located a mile away. That controlled the diverging Llantristant No.1 Branch through to Common Branch Junction. The branch’s closure as a through route on 28th September 1964 ultimately left the signal box as a likely candidate for closure.

This and Ely Paper Mills siding signal box a mile further towards Penarth Curve North Junction succumbed to stage 2 of the Cardiff Multiple Aspect signalling scheme between 11th and 12th December 1965, Radyr Quarry Junction being fortunately nominated as a fringe box to the future Cardiff PSB.

Radyr Quarry Junction's Up Distant (fixed at Caution) was recovered and Track Circuit Block took over the area. In the interim, Ely Paper Mills siding was replaced by a ground frame released from Penarth Curve North signal box, Radyr Quarry’s new brief neighbour.

The 3rd stage of resignalling came into effect from 2315 on 26th March 1966 on a two day blockade which saw the closure and demolition of Penarth Curve North signal box. Cardiff PSB awakened, and took over control of the new signalling. As Radyr Quarry Junction’s final neighbour, it assumed control of Ely Paper Mills Ground Frame.

This arrangement stayed in place for just over 22 years Radyr Quarry outliving its southern associates . However, the stay of execution came to an end by Monday 11th May 1998.

Originally scheduled for January, the new Radyr Signal Control Centre took over operations and fringed onto Cardiff PSB, Temporary Block Working having superceded Absolute Block on the previous Tuesday. Happily, the frame was taken out piece by piece and driven down to Sherborne. Inexorably, most other equipment was designated for spares and retained by the new owners, Railtrack.

By mid-May, the shell of the box was reduced to a pile of rubble. The memory, though, remains.



Today ended up being a day to maintain my MacBook... I have cloned my drive twice (before and after cleaning)... and now I need to install Bootcamp (Windows 7) and re-install Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac utilizing the Bootcamp partition to ensure I have the most function out of my drives.

clean windows 7 install

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