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Interior Car Cleaning Tips

interior car cleaning tips

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SeArChInG fOr WaTeR

SeArChInG fOr WaTeR

SeArChInG @ OpP tO mY HoMe

Happy holidays and Happy Dussehra to all.

Hi friends thanks for ur interesting & valuable comments & fav...... very encouraging

Water – Use It Wisely

Tips to save water :

* Avoid leakage of water from the taps.
* Turn the tap off when not in use especially when you brush your teeth or wash clothes.
* Rainwater harvesting is the another method to conserve water.
* The water supply should be limited in those areas which enjoys the unlimited water supplies.
* Check the leakage of water in the toilets. Also get check the hidden water leaks.
* Educate the mind of the people in the rural areas to save the water.
* Promote the conservation of water through media and wall posters.
* Never throw the water unnecessary on roads which can be used for gardening and cleaning.
* Avoid unnecessary flushing the toilets. Dispose off the tissues, cigarettes and other waste into the bin instead of toilets.
* Use minimum amount of water to bath.
* Water Waste restrictions.
* Improvement in the water distribution system.
* Water your lawn only when it is needed.
* Use a broom instead of hose to clean the sidewalks or to wash the car.
* Capture the water that is leaking and repair it as soon as possible.
* You can use washing machine to wash clothes that does not consume much water.
* Donot leave the tap running while washing the dishes in the kitchen.
* Install small shower heads to reduce the flow of water.

Benefits to Conserve water :

* If you save water it can save your money bills.
* Reduction in interior water use cuts waste water flows, especially overflowing of gutters which contaminates the environment.
* Environment benefits include eco system and habitat protection.
* Water conservation helps in improving the quality of your drinking water.

Technical methods to conserve water :

Rainwater Harvesting :
Rainwater harvesting is the gathering and collection of water from the rooftop. The traditional method of rain water harvesting is the most effective and simple way to conserve the water. It means utilization of rain water for the domestic as well as agricultural purposes. There are three technical methods of rain water harvesting such as Catchment, Conveyance and storage.

Historical Water Bodies :
There are many traditional water bodies which have been in disuse for the longer time. These bodies can be reused as the recharging points.

Ponds :
Steps should be taken to avoid dumping of sewage into the village ponds. Efforts need to be made to deepen these ponds with the dragline machines. Garbage and other waste sholud not be dumped into the ponds.

BMW 135i HDR

BMW 135i HDR

I decided to try and work on my HDR skills again after a quick impromptu shoot of my car... The shoot was actually for me to practice using strobes on the interior (hopefully I'll have some shots uploaded later tonight of those). In any case, the garage below my apartment building provides a nice canvas for me to work with since it is a little older, slightly dim and all concrete which makes a nice texture.

I've decided to post up my processing technique for C&C or any insight that you guys provide :). It took me about 45min to create this.

Details About the Shot
Taken With: Canon 5D Mark II + Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8 L II
Processed with Photomatix and Adobe Photoshop CS3

Please refer to the image below, images go from Left to Right, Top to Bottom
I went in order and will explain each number:
1-2-3: Original Shots taken in small jpeg (I should really use large to retain the most detail).
4: Original Photomatix HDR output. I had intended to get the background of the HDR to what I wanted, not so much the car. Output was a 16-bit TIFF.
5: Same output, but adjusted colors/saturation/levels and a few other things in CS3.
6: Created 3 more layers. #1 is copy of the original, desaturated, removed the background (the one in the image isn't cleaned up) and set opacity to 50% (I think). This was to whiten the car again. #2 is the overlay with 50% grey so I could use dodge and burn to get rid of the nasty black/grey's in the white paint. #3 to fix the grills (just a little thing that bugged me).
7: Added a layer on top of all the previous layers with a copy of the image from 3 (overexposed) to further bring out the whites in the car. The opacity was set to something low like 28%.
8: Final touches before cropping. The final image above had a few more dodge/burn spots, dust removal and final color tweeking.

I am happy with the way this image came out and I am always open to C&C and would appreciate any tips/techniques on processing HDR's or just general tips on post processing.


interior car cleaning tips

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