How To Clean Tinted Car Windows

how to clean tinted car windows

    car windows
  • (car window) a window in a car

  • Car glass includes windscreens, side and rear windows, and glass panel roofs on a vehicle. Side windows can be either fixed or be raised and lowered by depressing a button (power window) or switch or using a hand-turned crank.

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Drugs are Bad

Drugs are Bad

I seem to be a magnet for trouble each time I go to Detroit. Last year it was the unpleasant, if slightly comical, run-in with the rent-a-cops near the Marathon refinery. This time it was a completely unwarranted interrogation and weapons-and-drugs search.

I was pulled over in the little suburb of Southgate, Michigan. I figured this should be a quick stop; I'd done nothing wrong and having noticed the squad car in my mirrors I'd been careful to slow down and stop when I saw the signal turn yellow even though I easily could have gunned it and made it before the light turned red. Imagine my surprise when I got pulled over anyway. The officer came up to my window and asked for my license and registration.

Next came about 30 questions about weapons. Did I have any guns? Knives? Switchblade? Shotgun? Do I have a concealed-carry license? The questions started to get repetitive; how many ways are there to ask "Do you have any weapons?". My answers were repetitive too; no, no, no, no, etc. Next were the questions about drugs. Did I have any drugs? Pot? Cocaine? Paraphanelia? Again the answers were no, no, no, etc.

Finally he got around to telling me why I was pulled over. "Your plates are expired". I politely asked him to check again, since they expire on May 31 so that means I still have 28 days left. The registration clearly is printed "5-31-09". Its current. His response was that maybe the computer has "flagged" it because its the final month. This is BS of course, it can only be either valid or expired, there is no gray area. One would think he knows this. Its his job.

Another round of questions about weapons and drugs. He asked if there was anything in the car that his narcotics dog might find. By this time another squad had arrived and the dog was being led over to my car. I was asked to step out of the car and stand by the squad cars, facing away from my car, while the dog searches my car.

I now found myself answering the same weapons/drug questions from another cop who had showed up in the car with the dog. He was even more blunt than the first cop, to the point of being a jerk about it. He said "If our dog finds anything - ANYTHING - a seed, a stem, anything that makes you a liar, I'll kick you in the nuts before I haul you downtown and lock you up. You'll be arrested and go to jail. Not Illinois jail; Michigan jail. If there's anything at all in that car, I suggest you tell me RIGHT NOW before that dog finds it".

This was getting more and more unpleasant in a hurry. By having me face away from the car I couldn't even watch the search, but I did manage to steal a couple glances. They had both doors and the trunk open, and the cop and the dog were inside the car. In my mind, I had nightmarish visions of them planting drugs in the car for the dog to "find". By this time, I'd answered the "Do you have any drugs?" questions about 100 times; the answer was always "No". I think that was motivating their search even further. I suppose even the most infrequent drug user at some point will cave in and lay the groundwork for defense just in case something is found, like such as "well, maybe a couple years ago, there was a friend who had a little..." but in my case there was nothing. There was nothing to confess to since I knew there had been no drugs.

Still more questions. Why was I in the area? What was I doing with the camera in the car? Do I come to the Detroit area often? Where do I work? For how long? Did I steal the car? How long have I had it? Has anyone ever borrowed it? And yet again, another round of questions about weapons and drugs. I couldn't even blame a friend since I wasn't aware of anyone who had ridden in the car who used drugs. In my mind, I thought of everyone who has ridden in it but none are drug users.

Eventually the search ended and I was released. They told me the dog smelled "something" and that's why he was allowed inside the car but it turned out to be clean. I was allowed to go. My car is now full of dog hairs, everything in the car is messed up, my two jackets and White Sox hats in the back seat are piled up in the corner. My tools, tripod and other equipment in the trunk are all out of place. I was soon back on my way to downtown Detroit for night photos of the MCS, a bit shaky after this 40-minute heavy-handed interrogation. All with no probable cause. Remember, I was pulled over because "my plates were expired", but they weren't. They expire in 28 days. Its all BS; they saw the Illinois plates and made up their minds at that moment to give me the third degree, with or without real probable cause.

I do understand the concept of "probable cause". A taillight out, illegal tint, missing front plate, loud exhaust, dark shaded license plate covers, etc are always noticed by cops and gives them carte

Autumn..From My Car Window

Autumn..From My Car Window

I was drawn back to this spot the last time I made the trek up the Erie way.....

Trying to catch the last bit of Autumn's colors...

The time before that I stopped and photographed the choppy waters with this bench. Beside it was a tiny flag, which I thought was so unusual.

This time when I was back, the flag was gone.

how to clean tinted car windows

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